Happy Social Media Day: Get Social Sacramento


Guess what Sacramento, today is Social Media Day! 

Social Media Day, June 30, is a worldwide celebration of all the tweets, status updates and viral videos that contribute to our lives, every day! Chances are, there is a Social Media Day celebration near you… wherever you are! 

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself! 

Sacramento events: 

Even local businesses are celebrating… 

    I wish you all a safe and adventurous Social Media Day



    Google Launches Tool for Online Reputation Management

    (Google Launches Tool for Online Reputation Management -via mashable.com)

    Google has introduced a tool that helps you manage search results for your name.

    The tool, “Me on the Web,” is now included on the Google dashboard in between account information and analytics. It is not intended to be another privacy setting.

    “Your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you — whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update,” Google explains.

    The new dashboard section encourages you to keep tabs on these mentions by setting up search alerts for data points included in your Google profile, like your name and email address. It has long been possible to set up these type of alerts using another section of the dashboard, but now it takes fewer clicks.

    Google’s new tool also includes links to resources about managing online identity and removing unwanted content.

    Businesses that help people do both of these things have popped up in recent years, and many of them automate the same tactics that Google suggests.

    One of the first steps in setting up Google’s tool: “Create a Google profile.”






    Video: Electronic Picture Diaries / Facebook Manners And You

    I recently posted a blog about Facebook etiquette: “Facebook: How are you presenting your online image?

    Going along with this same theme, I thought I’d share a video I came accross about dating and Facebook manners.

    Meet Alice, a creation of Your Tango: The World’s First Web Cam Romance 


    “Ever wondered what it would be like if there were webcams in the 1950’s? This new series chronicles the romance of America’s favorite post-war couple, Alice Johnson and Timmy Gordon, stars of Facebook Manners And You!”

    Facebook: How are you presenting your online image?

    Here are some handy-dandy etiquette tips to ensure that you are properly presenting yourself on Social Networking sites.

    This post focuses on Facebook, however much of it can be applied to other networking sites. 

    Basic Facebook Etiquette: 

    1. If you don’t know someone, don’t friend them.
    2. Behave online as you would offline. 
    3. Respect the privacy of other’s online information. 
    4. Share, but don’t overshare. 

    Communicating on Facebook:

    1. Prior to posting content that may be inflammatory or controversial, consider how your communication would be viewed if it was read out of context.
    2. Do not respond to, or initiate, inflammatory language. 
    3. Don’t vent on Facebook. While you have Freedom of Speach, don’t forget that Facebook is an electronic “paper-trail.” 
    4. Treat social networking as a business-like form of communication. 



    The Facebook Wall is a public forum. People, too often, post things publicly which should be private communication. Facebook has a solution for this, it is called an inbox.

    What you say/post on Facebook (or any other Social Networking site for that matter) can be there FOREVER! Even after an account is deleted. Therefore, it is important that you use common sense and think about what you post, before you post it.

    I was told once that if you wouldn’t post a picture, status update, or comment on a billboard for your parents, children, and employer to see… it shouldn’t be shared on Social Networking sites. 

    The Dreaded Un-Friend: 

    Un-Friending can be an uncomfortable event, but sometimes it is necessary. However, there are other steps you can take if un-friending is something you’d like to avoid.

    On Facebook you can block user’s status updates, and they will no longer show up in your newsfeed. This is a great option if you’re tired of reading the annoying, mundane, or offensive posts of others.

    You can also block your information. Facebook allows users to create Friend lists. With these lists you can group friends into categories (such as professional, family, friends etc.) and, using privacy setting controls, adjust which groups have access to what on your profile and which status updates they see.