Social Media and Self-Promotion: Skyline College Speaker Series

This week I presented at Skyline College in San Mateo on the subject of Social Media and Self-Promotion (My Virtual Self – How to Promote Yourself). Staci Baird presented on the topic of self-branding and I spoke on self-promotion (for the job hunt)… and it was a blast! 


Social media is, for better or for worse, my life! This is my world and sometimes I take it for granted. Presenting always reminds me just how important social media is in today’s world. It also gives me a chance to share my knowledge with others. I adore expanding minds and introducing people to “social media possibilities.” Seeing others excited, gets me excited. 

Thank you to Skyline College for the invitation and allowing me share my expertise.

Great audience – fantastic experience! 


Twitter specs: @AngelaRunsAmuck / @GirlJournalist / @SkylineTrojans / #PromoYou / /


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