Work. Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. Gracián. And You.

My focus has shifted, once again – some of you may have noticed, a few of you are in the loop, and others are completely oblivious… the oblivious folks are my favorite. They ask the fewest questions.

Today, I am addressing all of you in an effort to put your worries at ease.

I quit my job earlier this year in hopes of pursuing my passions (and somehow make a living off of it). My first task was determining what my passion was – I’ve figured it out and am going full speed ahead. I am starting a nonprofit.

It is taking a bit of a toll on me. I am consumed by paperwork. I am overwhelmed and intimidated by the process and am all too aware of the legal responsibility I am taking on. In addition to all the dotted lines, there is also a human aspect to the process I wasn’t quite expecting (or prepared for). I have a lot learn and I need to learn it fast.

Bear with me. 

If you have started a nonprofit before or have any interest in my Chicas Latinas de Sacramento efforts – please shoot me a line! Partnerships, fiscal agents, and pro bono attorneys needed ♥ Words of encouragement are also appreciated!

I’m counting on this book to keep me sane:


Undertake what’s easy as if it were hard, and what’s hard as if it were easy. In the first case, so that confidence doesn’t make you careless; in the second, so that lack of confidence doesn’t make you discouraged. It takes nothing more for something not to be done than thinking that it is. Conversely, diligence removes impossibilities. Don’t think over great undertakings, just seize them when they arise, so that consideration of their difficulty doesn’t hold you back.

Thank you to my friend who sent me a link to this article today, Cunning as a Serpent, Innocent as a Dove: The Art of Worldly WisdomDefinitely something I needed to read! 




One thought on “Work. Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. Gracián. And You.

  1. I’m also in the market for potential board members – so if you see me coming your way, you might want to run! 😉

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