Nonprofit Vision – Chicas Latinas de Sacramento

I am turning Chicas Latinas de Sacramento into a nonprofit… here’s why: 

Look at (just about) any Latino family and you will find statistics represented: teenage pregnancies, domestic violence, drug use, gang activity, school dropouts, and incarceration. What is harder (or at least isn’t as visible) to find is the culture and traditions that make being Latino wonderful, especially in the low-income communities.

I want us to help our brothers and sisters (promote volunteerism) but I also want to promote and inspire cultural awareness and provide the next generation with a sense of true pride and the knowledge of what it means to be Latino. They say negative cycles are “generational” – it is our belief that so are positive cycles.

We are The Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. We are the Latina women of Sacramento. It is our duty to raise, support, and nourish our Latino community. It is our responsibility to teach and pass on culture and traditions to our youth and strengthen the businesses and organizations which have the ability to positively impact and influence our community.

What you can do to help… “Like us” on Facebook and stay tuned:

I have a plan, contact me to learn more! 

*(In the process of forming a board – please email me if you’re interested)

Angela Rosas


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