Angela’s Amuck Recap: Social Media Presentations and Sacramento Fundraisers

Last week I gave two presentations! 

U.S. SBA Presentation: Use Social Media to Promote Your Greatest Brand… YOU: 9/20

JACC 2012 – Twitter Strategies for Journalists & News Organizations: 9/22


I also enjoyed a weekend of events with friends! 

First up was a birthday party at Borrego Law Corporation, pictures by 5Finger Photo. Check out the album here: “Midtown’s Summer Nights Dream” Jose’s Birthday 9/21

Next was a wonderful fundraiser event for my friend Noe Cruz at Azukar Lounge, pictures by JRPHOTOGRAPHYDEFINED. Check out the album here: NOE FUNRAISER & LUIS’S B-DAY CELEBRATION 9/22


Next up… 



U.S. SBA Presentation: Use Social Media to Promote Your Greatest Brand…… YOU

Angela Rosas, PR & Social Media Consultant, will teach you about the major Social Media platforms and how you can efficiently take control of your online presence in order to brand and market yourself as a professional in your field. This presentation will include social media tools and tips that can apply to both businesses and professionals looking to control their online presence and take advantage of FREE online marketing practices. We all have an online personal brand – whether we acknowledge it or not. Make social media work for you, not against you! – Presented at U.S. Small Business Administration, 9/20/2012

Use Social Media to Promote Your Greatest Brand…… YOU


Twitter specs: @AngelaRunsAmuck /  #SBAPromoU / /


Una Carta de Amor: A Latina’s Love Letter to Sacramento (aka home)

This is one of the busiest times of years for me and the Chicas Latinas de Sacramento.

With Grito de Dolores festivities, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Dia de los Muertos right around the corner – our calendar is packed! But it is also one of my favorite times of the year.

At no other time of the year am I THIS surrounded by my culture and I absolutely love it. It enriches my life and makes me feel at home and at peace being a Mexican-American.

Born and raised here, Sacramento is my home, but I was also raised in the Mexican culture. My home can be found in the aromas of boiling beans, the sounds of Cumbia, and growing up thinking “Pinche Gato” was the actual name of my abuelita’s cat. Turns out, I was just a toddler cursing at her grandma’s cat.

It is clear that I come from Latino roots in the way I cook, dance, paint, write, and feel… this is the culture which fills my heart and soul.

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the melting-pot that is Sacramento and the passionate Latino community which calls it home – with ease, acceptance, and pride. I don’t have to sacrifice a part of my identity in order to call Sacramento home, instead I am often presented with opportunities to explore it further. This in itself is a blessing. Granted, there is always room for improvement, which I have faith will happen (even if it is with my own hands), but it’s impressive nonetheless.


Yesterday I slaved over a hot-stove making refried beans and Spanish rice (I can still call it slaving even though I made it for myself, right?). Tomorrow I will go Salsa Dancing. Thursday I will work on the Chicas’ Dia de los Muertos altar. Saturday I will celebrate Grito de Dolores and Sunday, Dia de la Independencia. Monday I will return to my computer and the Chicas Latinas de Sacramento… turning my focus to Hispanic Heritage Month.

I am at home in Sacramento, embracing my culture, and most importantly – doing my part to share and keep it alive for future generations to come.

Ah… I love this time of year ❤


Angela’s Sacramento Amuck-Running (and Noe Cruz) Update

First, I’m proud to announce that the Chicas Latinas de Sacramento will be providing monthly meals and volunteering at the North Sacramento Crisis Nursery! We’ve partnered with California Food Literacy Center, who will be providing us with healthy, affordable, and kid-friendly menus.  


Now for my Amuck-Running… in order of attendance: 

#SacTweetUp – always a good time! Although I did my “Angela thing” and hid in the corner. 


The Chicas Latinas volunteered at the Dream.Develop.Do‘s 2nd Annual Fundraising Gala… it was a magical night indeed! 


The Salsa Fundraiser for my friend Noe Cruz was a success, thank you to everyone who helped spread the word, attended, and/or donated! Your help was truly appreciated. 


This last weekend we held a Car Wash Fundraiser at Horizon in Roseville (861 Galleria Blvd), we’ll be out there again in a couple of weeks – so you might as well save the address in your Google Maps now! 


I attended “Constellation,” a 2nd Saturday event a few of my good friends put on. It was very well done! Music, dance, art… and food. Kudos to you all, it was a great production! 


Coming up: 

  • This week I will be announcing those individuals I’ve designated to serve on my Board of Directors. 
  • The Chicas Latinas are planning and building their Dia de los Muertos community altar – more info to come (next meeting is 9/13). 
  • The Chicas Latinas will be volunteering at SAEHC’s Annual Fundrasier, Fairytale Town After Hours
  • We are far from our fundraising goal for Noe Cruz. He is in Mexico and is showing signs of recovery… but we do need to bring him home and a medical flight is the only way this can happen. More fundraisers to come (including the car wash in a few weeks!) and if you can, please give, every little bit helps bring us closer ❤