Happy Thanksgiving – the Thankful Post.


This year I am thankful for… you. 


I am thankful for people. 

People are horrible. They are full of faults, make mistakes, let you down, over promise, under deliver, and expect you to make good on your words.

“I’m not perfect, therefore I need you to be” – humans. 

But this is also the beauty of humanity and why we NEED each other. I make mistakes. I don’t know what I’m doing. Sometimes I fall. I hope you will be there for me… and you have. I thank you for that. 

I am extremely grateful for my friends and family – I am surrounded by an amazing support system. They are the reason I am who I am and why I have been able to pursue my dreams. Without their support, guidance, and genuine love, my dreams would’ve been crushed long ago. 


I am also thankful for people I don’t know. Being in the industry I am in (and building my Chicas Latinas de Sacramento organization) – I need strangers. I fear you, but I need you. I very thankful for all the new people who have came into my life for business/networking reasons over the last few years. Something as simple as handshake, tweet, or “like” can quickly evolve into fantastic (and useful) relationships… and this occurs often in my world. 

You all have given me so much – I hope I have been able to return the favor during the course of our relationship.

Last, but not least, I am thankful for Noe’s health. My friend Noe has returned to the states and although he has much healing ahead of him, he is alive and on his way to recovery. This brings so much joy to my heart. He gave us a scare. I am thankful he is a fighter. 


Thank you to those who offered both him and I your support and prayers. 


Feliz dia de gracias! 


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