Chicas Latinas de Sacramento: Private Today, Public Tomorrow

People often ask why I don’t make Chicas Latinas de Sacramento event’s public and invite the community – as we would get greater involvement / support. Here’s the simple answer: My first priority is safety. Safety of my members and of myself. We are a volunteer organization, without funding. I do not have the ability to adequately protect my Chicas members, brand, and myself. Until then, I prefer to keep my organization and events controlled and limited. I understand there is power in numbers, and with the community’s full involvement and support – I have no doubt we will be able to move mountains. ONE DAY, WE WILL!!! (We are going though some changes and our goal is to include more of the community in the near future!)In the 4 years of running the organization, I’ve learned that not everyone is behind us. I’ve had my share of “hate-mail,” as well as men looking for Latina wives 😉

I will not go public, until I feel I am able to protect my mujeres. It is not my intention to alienate or detour anyone from getting involved in the community or our organization… I am working with the hand I was dealt, in the best way I know how.

Thank you all for your continued support ❤

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento

Chicas Latinas de Sacramento