Soapbox: Hispanic Heritage Month

It is Hispanic Heritage Month! I’m always excited for this time of year, the community / cultural events and the ability to share and introduce my culture to others, but during this time I am also reminded that culture, identity, and pride lasts longer than a month. I am Mexican-American 365 days out of the year ❤

MOST Hispanics I know do not celebrate or recognize Hispanic Heritage Month. Most Mexicans I know do not celebrate or recognize Mexican Independence Day. Most, however,  DO celebrate Cinco de Mayo… often without fully understanding what the holiday is.

I invite Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican-Americans, and _______-Americans (however your identify yourself) to take Hispanic Heritage Month as an opportunity to understand your culture’s history, traditions, and contributions and celebrate with a true understanding and pride.

It is nice to recognize, celebrate, and share our contributions and culture with others during this month (Hispanic Heritage Month runs Sept. 15-Oct. 15), but let’s not forget to recognize, celebrate, and share it year round. We deserve it, from others… but most importantly, from ourselves.

Why? Because we’re awesome and we matter…

• 1 in 6 Americans are Hispanic.
• 23 million U.S. workers are Hispanic.
• U.S. Hispanic-owned businesses increased by 43.7 percent to 2.3 million between 2002-2007. The national growth rate for all new businesses founded was 18 percent during the same period.
• 40 percent of new U.S. households within the next decade will be Hispanic.
• Hispanic purchasing power is expected to grow from $1.2 trillion in 2012 to $1.5 trillion in 2015.


Every morning I wake up, I celebrate Hispanic Heritage Day… I invite you to do the same. Let this month be the beginning of your personal celebration.

PBS debuts part one of a six-hour documentary American Latino history on Wednesday, September 17th: 

Learn, love, and live with pride. 


Angela (now) Runs Amuck for Eric Ratinoff and Chicas Latinas de Sacramento!

You heard right folks, Angela got a job.

A real, legit, frozen meals for lunch, no yoga pants allowed (but pack them in your gym bag) J.O.B. and I’m loving it!

The blog posts will continue coming because my Amuck Running (or marketing life) has not come to an end – it’s only just begun. I now do business development and marketing for Eric Ratinoff of Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff, on top of running Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. The transition has kept me busy, but I’m finally getting back to a blog-able place in my life.

Angelarunsamuck’s life now…

Work head-shots are in:

Working for Attorney and Partner Eric Ratinoff has been a really great fit as his passions are very much in line with my own passions: community, culture (including Latin), and food. Factor in my social media skills, marketing experience, and community presence… I think we both kind of hit the jackpot on this one.

And then there’s my Chicas… which has me on cloud nine. Our Sept. 8th fundraiser brunch at Mayahuel was simply amazing! The venue, food, staff, performances, silent auction items, and attendees… everything was great! My Chicas members and board of directors shined, everyone did a stellar job in making this a fun and comfortable event, and we raised funds (so that was good).

Chicas Latina’s: Almuerzo Cultural!

Much is on the calendar and I will continue blogging my adventures ♡ Tweet me @angelarunsamuck