Angela Rosas, Officially the Founder of NONPROFIT Chicas Latinas de Sacramento!

Last night I burnt the chicken I was making for dinner because I was distracted by a lovely letter from the IRS. My first thought was great, more hurdles. But I was wrong, it wasn’t a letter of hurdles or heartbreak, it was a letter of approval! I did it — my organization, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento, is now an OFFICIAL 501(c)3 nonprofit.

Bear with me while I celebrate for a moment…

I received the letter before,

  • Our first board meeting of 2014 (it’s tonight, go figure!) Tonight, we celebrate. 
  • I turned 30! February, I celebrate.
  • We celebrate our 5-Year-Anniversary! April, we celebrate (and fund-raise). 

Always, we work. This tax exempt status only means one thing, our adventure has just begun.

On the agenda, we’ll be opening board positions VERY soon, building committees, and planning our 5-year-Anniversary. Want in on the fun? Email us at,

Site:          Blog:

Thank you everyone for all your help, support, and talent over the years — we need it now more than ever!

I am the CEO & Founder of the nonprofit Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. For 5 years we existed, worked, and gave in the community, without a budget, without a staff, without a paycheck. It might not “sound” that great being a broke CEO, but I wear that reality proudly. I created, existed and prevailed with nothing. Imagine what I can do with something. 


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