Angela Hasn’t Changed in 5 Years

Recently I came across a post I made 5 years ago, it was a “25 About Me’s at 25” Facebook Note… and I was thrilled to discover that I have not changed.

Later this month I turn the big 30, and it’s an understatement when I say that these last five years have been INSANE. I’ve been brave, I’ve been weak. I’ve been victorious, I’ve been in the fetal position and in tears… for days at a time. I’ve seen dreams manifest into reality, I’ve seen dreams turn into nightmares. Some days, I wonder if I’ve lost myself along the way.

My grandfather used to entertain me by talking to himself, “do you want a cookie grandpa?… Yes, I think I want a cookie.” I have found myself taking a note out of grandpa’s handbook, “are you still there Angela?… Yes, I think I’m still here.”

And then I found my 25 About Me’s at 25:

My 25 just aren’t as cool as yours…

1 – I cannot wait to be 30… and if I keep up this firm skin of mine, 40 isn’t looking too bad either.

2 – When I first saw that I had been tagged in this note, my first reaction was: I don’t think I know 25 things about myself.

3 – I have baby names picked out (it’s the writer in me).

4 – I want to build a house (not my house).

5 – I could totally be an accountant. I can budget anything!

6 – … I can also analyze and comprehend anything (inside joke).

7 – But I don’t do geometry or logarithms.

8 – I am a singer and a songwriter, but I’m too shy to ever perform.

9 – I love the art of words.

10 – I don’t like when my food tastes like beer, but I love beer.

11 – I want to fill my home with paintings that inspires me.

12 – My dream purchase is a new, big, fluffy mattress!

13 – I tried olives again just recently, and I still don’t like them.

14 – I hate when my hair smells like cigarette smoke… so back up!

15 – I love museums, especially science and history ones.

16 – I say we can go out this weekend, but secretly I hope you forget so that I can stay home and play Lego Starwars.

17 – Culdesac of death… thoughts during my last bubble bath.

18 – Chicken Mole is awesome. And so is kidney bean salad.

19- I still don’t know what I want to “be” and it really doesn’t bother me.

20 – I believe in Civil Rights, for all.

21 – Lavender smells MMmmmm so good.

22 – I love PBS cartoons and can sing every theme song.

23 – Bright and bold colors excite me, but for some reason I don’t know how to wear any color but black.

24 – I have fears of being either too Mexican or not Mexican enough.

25 – I want to learn how to cook with curry.

* Update, I still don’t like olives, I did get that new mattress, and I know how to make curry now!*

I am still this person and I hope I always will be this person. I remember very well where I was 5 years ago, I was unhappy and in a bad place. Today I am in a much better place and happy. I find a lot of comfort in recognizing myself (both in the good and the bad times). Perhaps it’s time to add five more “About Me” items to this list, in honor of the BIG 30 ❤

This blog made me feel like a crazy person. I’m hoping others can relate… or at least humor me by pretending like they can 😉


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