Walk for Brain Injury Sacramento, Full Circle with TBI

Sooooo… some of you may recall a close friend of mine had an accident in August of 2012 — and suffered from a fractured skull, brain clots and bruises, was in a coma for 2 months and had a 2% chance of living. Four surgeries and some titanium later, my friend Noe Cruz is a traumatic brain injury survivor.

Yesterday, Sunday March 30, 2014, he spoke at Brain Injury Association of California‘s Walk for Brain Injury Sacramento. He shared about his accident, surgeries, recovery, and personal journey.

I don’t speak of him often and when I do it’s vaguely, as this has been quite an experience (a trying experience, for many), but he did an amazing job yesterday, and I want the world to know that I am so proud of his courage, strength, and heart.

Things are coming full circle it seems. About a month ago Noe met my bossman, Eric Ratinoff, who just happens to be a brain injury attorney and board member of BIACAL. Over dinner, Noe told Eric his story. Blown away, Eric suggested Noe speak at Walk for Brain Injury. I contacted BIACAL, and voilà, Noe became a part of the event’s program.

How crazy it is how the universe lines up… and at the right time. Eighteen months after his accident, Noe is ready to share his story and inspire others, and the perfect opportunity presented itself.

Look for the video of his speech soon! (It was a really great speech) 

In the meantime, event pictures can be found on Eric Ratinoff’s Facebook:

My heart is overjoyed right now. Yesterday I technically worked, but it was so much more than just another event — it was THE event and it was perfect.


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