2014 Europe Travel Revisited: Switzerland, France, Italy… oh my.

We’ll start out by calling this blog post what it is, a #latepost. A post I planned to make in July of 2014, but am instead posting in January 2015… and it’s probably for the best.

You see, I forget things. I do a lot, move quickly, and purposely pack my schedule. The busier and more challenged I am, the more comfortable I am. Having moved through the year at record speed, I found myself entering into 2015 a bit bruised and not fully able to appreciate what I had accomplished in 2014, as failures are often louder and take more space than accomplishments do.

So I am revisiting 2014. Professionally, and civically, speaking it was an amazing year. This was my first full year of working a full-time job AND running a nonprofit organization. Chicas Latinas de Sacramento added some great and successful programs, community projects and partners. I was even nominated for 2014 Coors Light Líderes of the Year! And yet, I still need to be reminded of these things. I forget… just as I forget I traveled in Europe (and never got around to sharing).

Without further ado, let us revisit Switzerland, France, and Italy, as I appreciate the fact that I drank Champagne in Champagne. (Because, I don’t want to remember 2014 as the year my * got handed to me.)

Yup, that happened.

Here’s to highlighting the good, hushing the not-so-good, and allowing for new opportunities and growth in 2015.