It’s Official: @AngelaRunsAmuck Has Slowed Down

First, I told my friends via a tearful selfie (it was Friday, our group likes to send selfies on Fridays). The next day I told my parents via text, requesting that they don’t reply or call me until the next work week – as I needed time to process. I’ve processed and now I’m sharing the news with you: I no longer work for Eric Ratinoff at Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff.

Firm email is no longer active, please use:

I truly appreciate the opportunity and all I learned from working at the Sacramento law firm as their marketing and business development coordinator. I am proud of the work I accomplished while there, the work I was able to do in the community (which wouldn’t have happened without Eric’s support), and the community-networking legacy I was able to leave behind. The firm is where I created my 2nd baby, #Network4Cause (my first being, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento), and that was awesome! On a more personal note, I am very grateful to Eric Ratinoff and his team for the professional, nonprofit, and personal support shown to me. My position at the firm was a blessing in many ways, at the right time, and I will miss it.

After the recent firm changes, it became clear that my time there was limited. On National Tequila Day, I was laid-off. (Geez, those words sting.)

As I slowly began to share my news with those closest to me, I quickly noticed a trend. One friend flat-out responded with, “I’m sorry and I’m not.” Even my mother’s voice had much more excitement in it than I expected to hear, she said she couldn’t wait to see what I’ll accomplish next. Although terrified, I admit that I have similar sentiments. While the small picture might be uncomfortable to look at, the big picture remains exciting and full of possibilities.

At the ripe age of 30-awesome, I’ve found myself completely free of commitments and distractions. Instead I’ve been provided the freedom to prepare myself for life’s next adventure and the freedom to move forward with purpose.

* * *

A look at my last project for Eric Ratinoff, taking #Network4Cause to Napa! (I’m going to miss this bundle of joy, but I’ll be back for a visit at September’s event for Festival de la Familia.)


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