Show Up: How to Give to the Sacramento Community

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a solo-rider and prefer to work alone, but I’m also a sucker for great teamwork. We all have strengths and weaknesses, this is what makes teamwork so grand. It feels amazing to contribute to something you care about knowing that even if the contribution might seem small to you, will make a difference, is needed, and is appreciated.Ā šŸ™Œ

I don’t have a lot of money or time to give, but I can definitely give of my knowledge and experience… especially to something that was once so cherished in our community. This is why I serve on the board of directors forĀ Festival de la Familia!Ā The past is in the past, I’m doing my part so Festival can have a future.Ā 

Support what you care about… no matter how small you think your contribution may be. You might be amazed by just how much of an asset you can be.Ā * Insert shameless Chicas Latinas de Sacramento plug here. šŸ‘ˆ Ā Whatever cause, event, or organizationĀ is close to your heart… I urge you to simply show up for them.

Last night FestivalĀ wrapped up its finalĀ board meeting of the year and we are excited for 2016. It’s great to see theĀ progress that has beenĀ made inĀ the last few months and our members areĀ looking forward to conducting another round of board interviews on January 7th. Good things are coming!

If you’re interested in joining Festival de la Familia‘s board, a committee, or volunteering at Festival, please contact us:ĀĀ |Ā Board application

Festival de la Familia is making a 2017 return!

Read all about it inĀ Vida en el Valle:


Thank you to all who joined our #Network4CauseĀ event in September:

On that note… I’ve had way too many 12+hr. workdays this week. Here’s to the freak’n weekend! Happy Friday friends.

#GivingTuesday How you can help Chicas Latinas de Sacramento!

šŸŒŸĀ With every donation, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento gets closer to having a home to call our own.Ā šŸŒŸ

If you like what you see from Chicas Latinas and would likeĀ to see us continue our mission of working and giving in the community, please give on #GivingTuesday!!! Love and passion can only get us so far, we NEED the community’s support to strive… and secure an office space!


Check out our “Year in Review,” we made some great accomplishments in 2015!

Chicas Latinas, 2015 Year in Review!Ā 

Real-talk: I made the decision to turn my, then 3 year old, community organization into a nonprofit in 2012 because it was TOO big for me. I needed a board, I needed funds, I needed help… I needed the community. Our membership was larger than I could handle, the volunteer requests were coming from every direction, and the demand for Latina leaders in the community was far too great to fulfill on my own. At the time, both personal and Chicas resources were depleted – but I pushed through with the belief that the/our community would support what it wanted, needed, and was asking for. I needed the community, because it was clear that the community needed us. I’ve always had issues “asking,” but today I’m asking… not for me, not even for Chicas Latinas, but for what we represent in our community. A shift in Latin@ culture and identity in Sacramento. A culture, and future, of volunteerism, civic engagement, and Latina leadership.

Please consider donating this #GivingTuesday (andĀ beyond) to help us reach our goal! Learn more about ourĀ GoFundMe campaign:Ā 

šŸ‘‰ šŸ‘ˆ

Thank you for your continued support!