Greetings from NxLevel Business Bootcamp in Sacramento

Greetings from NxLevel Business Bootcamp, sponsored by Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce!

Why am I here?

1) Chicas Latinas de Sacramento — it’s time to take my pride and joy to the “next level” and I am here to gain the tools needed. Although we’ve been in existence for nearly 7 years, it is time to revisit our business plan, adjust, and set goals for the future. I often get wrapped up in my passion and the purpose of Chicas Latinas, and the business aspect of my nonprofit doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. 

2) Profession — As a marketing, PR, and business development professional, I typically work with small businesses and it is important for me to have a more in-depth understanding of the complexities business ownership brings and how I can be a better asset to businesses and nonprofits, alike. Wherever I go, I intend to be prepared.

I am currently at La Cooperativa Campesina de California assisting with their temporary CA Drought Jobs Program and providing a bit of community outreach and communication assistance while here.

Blog, post hiatus. 

Yesterday was day-one of the NxLevel Bootcamp. There were a few familiar faces (and event past clients) in the class and while most seemed to be aware of Chicas Latinas’ happenings, there were questions about what I’m doing professionally these days. It is now day-two of the business bootcamp and the focus is on marketing, social media, and PR. Today is a bit of a refresher for me, but it has also been a great reminder as to what skill-sets and talents I have, and how I am (or am not) using them.

The awakening…

During break today (after our SEO presenter), one of my classmates checked Chicas Latinas de Sacramento’s Google ranking using targeted keywords and she informed me that we were on the first page. She also informed me that she checked my personal blog, at which point I immediately acknowledged my lack of posting, how I’m not taking advantage of it’s potential, and even caught myself saying “my life is boring these days.” Wrong… so here I am.

Having already wrote out and discussed our S.W.O.T.s in class today (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), I figured there is no better time than the present to address a weakness of mine and turn it into an opportunity.

Hello world. I’m still here… I’ll try to be here more!

My days aren’t as boring as I sometimes think. Yesterday was pretty eventful: 


It’s Official: @AngelaRunsAmuck Has Slowed Down

First, I told my friends via a tearful selfie (it was Friday, our group likes to send selfies on Fridays). The next day I told my parents via text, requesting that they don’t reply or call me until the next work week – as I needed time to process. I’ve processed and now I’m sharing the news with you: I no longer work for Eric Ratinoff at Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff.

Firm email is no longer active, please use:

I truly appreciate the opportunity and all I learned from working at the Sacramento law firm as their marketing and business development coordinator. I am proud of the work I accomplished while there, the work I was able to do in the community (which wouldn’t have happened without Eric’s support), and the community-networking legacy I was able to leave behind. The firm is where I created my 2nd baby, #Network4Cause (my first being, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento), and that was awesome! On a more personal note, I am very grateful to Eric Ratinoff and his team for the professional, nonprofit, and personal support shown to me. My position at the firm was a blessing in many ways, at the right time, and I will miss it.

After the recent firm changes, it became clear that my time there was limited. On National Tequila Day, I was laid-off. (Geez, those words sting.)

As I slowly began to share my news with those closest to me, I quickly noticed a trend. One friend flat-out responded with, “I’m sorry and I’m not.” Even my mother’s voice had much more excitement in it than I expected to hear, she said she couldn’t wait to see what I’ll accomplish next. Although terrified, I admit that I have similar sentiments. While the small picture might be uncomfortable to look at, the big picture remains exciting and full of possibilities.

At the ripe age of 30-awesome, I’ve found myself completely free of commitments and distractions. Instead I’ve been provided the freedom to prepare myself for life’s next adventure and the freedom to move forward with purpose.

* * *

A look at my last project for Eric Ratinoff, taking #Network4Cause to Napa! (I’m going to miss this bundle of joy, but I’ll be back for a visit at September’s event for Festival de la Familia.)

2014 Europe Travel Revisited: Switzerland, France, Italy… oh my.

We’ll start out by calling this blog post what it is, a #latepost. A post I planned to make in July of 2014, but am instead posting in January 2015… and it’s probably for the best.

You see, I forget things. I do a lot, move quickly, and purposely pack my schedule. The busier and more challenged I am, the more comfortable I am. Having moved through the year at record speed, I found myself entering into 2015 a bit bruised and not fully able to appreciate what I had accomplished in 2014, as failures are often louder and take more space than accomplishments do.

So I am revisiting 2014. Professionally, and civically, speaking it was an amazing year. This was my first full year of working a full-time job AND running a nonprofit organization. Chicas Latinas de Sacramento added some great and successful programs, community projects and partners. I was even nominated for 2014 Coors Light Líderes of the Year! And yet, I still need to be reminded of these things. I forget… just as I forget I traveled in Europe (and never got around to sharing).

Without further ado, let us revisit Switzerland, France, and Italy, as I appreciate the fact that I drank Champagne in Champagne. (Because, I don’t want to remember 2014 as the year my * got handed to me.)

Yup, that happened.

Here’s to highlighting the good, hushing the not-so-good, and allowing for new opportunities and growth in 2015.