Free Sacramento Nonprofit Social Media Workshop, Presented by Angela Rosas

I’ve been M.I.A., I know.

Backstory: See what happened was, I was nominated for this national award (Coors Light Líderes of the Year). Both myself and Chicas Latinas de Sacramento were a bit overwhelmed…

The good news, I’m back to flying under the radar and doing the things I love… like teaching and presenting! Did I mention I used to be a Marketing and Social Media consultant?

Over these last few months, I’ve received numerous requests for social media training from our #Network4Cause sponsored organizations. It didn’t take me long to convince Eric that we should hold a free workshop for Sacramento nonprofits at Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff. Actually, it didn’t take any convincing at all and I couldn’t be more excited to see another dream come to fruition.

Dearest Sacramento area nonprofits, please join me at…

#N4C Social Media Workshop 2015 Flyer LG

Free Workshop: New Year, New Nonprofit Social Media Strategy! 

Register early, space is limited:

Instruction provided by Angela Rosas, Marketing and Business Development Coordinator for Eric Ratinoff, creator of Eric Ratinoff’s #Network4Cause, and founder of nonprofit, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento.

And because it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t…
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2014 Nominee: Coors Light Líderes Award, Help Chicas Latinas win a $25K Grant for Sacramento!

I am behind in blogging and in sharing about something exciting, and important to the future of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento. To be honest, I have been avoiding this particular blogpost. 

The news: I’ve been nominated as Coors Light Lideres of 2014! I was selected as one of twelve finalist in the NATION to receive the recognition as a Líderes for my work in the latino community. With this recognition also comes the opportunity for me to win a  $25,000 Grant for Chicas Latinas de Sacramento!

Vote — Vote — Vote for me at

–> Vote 10 times a day, every day, until Oct. 30!

Angela Rosas Coors Lideres

The bottom line: a vote for me is a vote for Chicas Latinas de Sacramento and our work in the Sacramento community! Your votes will help bring Chicas Latinas closer to a $25,000 grant to use in our community, providing us the funds needed to implement a Chicas Latinas’ Sacramento Latino Youth Program!

I am honored to be nominated and recognized as a finalist, but my recognition isn’t what matters. What matters is what Chicas Latinas can do in our community if we win the $25,000 grant. What matters is that we need your help to make this happen!

For some $25,000 isn’t much to get excited about. For Chicas Latinas de Sacramento… it’s A LOT to get excited about! Our organization is 100% volunteer and donation powered. We have survived for nearly 6 years, giving in the community, with support from the community. Everything you see, from our websites, our flyers, the hours my members spend Facebooking and Tweeting, and creating programs and projects… this is all donated. Unless you’re in the trenches with me, I can’t even begin to explain how hard we all work to keep Chicas Latinas alive! It is a labor of love.

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I incorporated Chicas Latinas de Sacramento as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit at a time when my “social group” became too big for me to handle and I had to make that tough decision, leave my Chicas and the community or leave my job. When I decided to incorporate, I stepped away from my career to focus on my organization. Financially, I took a bruising and it probably wasn’t the best idea to quit a job for an unfunded organization, but I did. I survived, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento survived, and today Chicas Latinas has it’s first chance to receive funding — to receive the support needed so that we can continue supporting our community.

This is the first step in ensuring Chicas Latinas’ mission and role in the community will outlast that of my own. Don’t vote for me, please vote for my love of Sacramento and the legacy I hope to leave it. Please help me bring these funds to our community and our youth. 

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Video from Eric Ratinoff‘s #Network4Cause event for Chicas Latinas!!!