#Network4Cause Presentation: Promote your Nonprofit Events using Social Media!

Workshop for July 10, 2015 #Network4Cause Presentation: Promote your Nonprofit Events using Social Media!

Take advantage of Social Media and internet marketing to boost your nonprofit’s visibility, membership, and funds.

Learn how to make the most of your upcoming #Network4Cause event using social media tools, strategies, and tricks of the trade. Instruction provided by Angela Rosas, Marketing and Business Development Coordinator for Eric Ratinoff, creator of Eric Ratinoff’s #Network4Cause, and founder of nonprofit, Chicas Latinas de Sacramento.

Learn the basics of:
– Event Branding
– Facebook
– Twitter
– #Hashtags
– How to have a successful #Network4Cause!


Angela Turned 30 and is *crawling* Amuck

I’m still running (crawling) amuck or amok, whichever you’d prefer. My days have been swamped working for Eric Ratinoff, implementing his re-branding, running the #Network4Cause event series (apply here), taking care of Chicas Latinas de Sacramento 501©3 admin work (the IRS is tons o’ fun), preparing to open up our Board of Directors, and getting ready for OUR FIRST community meeting!!!

Needless to say, I’ve fallen short and behind in some things – the overall running of my organization and our community communications have been better. I’m only one person, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that we are now a 501©3, have a board of directors, have resources coming in… Therefore, it is no longer a one (wo)man show. I trust all will work out accordingly.

Hence the purpose of our first Chicas Latinas de Sacramento Community Informational Meeting – we need help! Male, female, Latino or not, we need dedicated and experienced individuals to help further our mission. We’ll have applications for our Board of Directors, Committees, and Volunteering, something for everyone at the February 27th meeting. I completed my presentation today and am ready to inspire the next generation of Chicas Latinas leaders. It’ll be great to have an inspired and capable leadership team as we approach our 5-year-Anniversary in April!!! <– Speaking of, I really hope I’ll be able to pull off some kind of anniversary event, yikes.

***Want to learn more? I was recently featured in Vida en el Valle: OUR PEOPLE/NUESTRA GENTE: Ángela Rosas is leading the way for ‘Chicas’, Cynthia Moreno did a great job capturing my journey and mission.

Oh yea, in the midst of all this good stuff – I turned 30!!! and celebrated with family, some Chicas Latinas members, and friends!

Thank you to all who helped me celebrate ❤ xoxo ❤

Angelarunsamuck is a year older, the birthday post

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to welcome another year! 

My week in review: 


This week has been chaotic to say the least, business is booming, fine dining occurred, I’ve been surrounded by family and friends… but most importantly I was able to give to Sacramento’s homeless community (and inspire others to do so as well)! I knew I’d be taken care of and treated well on this day; I have people in my life to love, support and provide for me. Not everyone has that – so yes, for my birthday I wanted to feed the homeless. 

Good food. 

Good people. 

Good memories. 

Good social media clients 😉 

My 29th birthday was perfect, thank you ❤

U.S. SBA Presentation: Use Social Media to Promote Your Greatest Brand…… YOU

Angela Rosas, PR & Social Media Consultant, will teach you about the major Social Media platforms and how you can efficiently take control of your online presence in order to brand and market yourself as a professional in your field. This presentation will include social media tools and tips that can apply to both businesses and professionals looking to control their online presence and take advantage of FREE online marketing practices. We all have an online personal brand – whether we acknowledge it or not. Make social media work for you, not against you! – Presented at U.S. Small Business Administration, 9/20/2012

Use Social Media to Promote Your Greatest Brand…… YOU


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SBA Workshop Series: Use Social Media to Promote Your Greatest Brand… YOU


Women’s Lunch & Learn

Come join us at SBA’s (The U.S. Small Business Administration) workshop series: Use Social Media to Promote Your Greatest Brand…YOU!

Correction: Sept. 20 (not 23rd). 

Angela Rosas, PR & Social Media Consultant will teach you about the major Social Media platforms and how you can efficiently take control of your online presence in order to brand and market yourself as a professional in your field.

My specs: 

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