Taryn Smith
Business Development Coordinator at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp

Angela is a passionate, hard working marketing diva with a great talent for branding, event planning, networking and social media. She was the wind beneath our #Network4Cause wings and a great asset to our team. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their marketing efforts!

Ronald Fong
Director, UC Davis Family Medicine Residency Network

Angela enhanced the UC Davis Family Medicine Network’s 40th Annual Education Conference with her authentic presentation on the health challenges of Latinas. She is wise and poised beyond her years. She provided a lens for our residents to view Latina patients that brings clarity and insight. 

Jon Pinney
SEO Consultant & Musician

Angela quickly distinguished herself as a valuable member of my team. She’s intelligent, easy to work with, and very self-motivated. She is knowledgeable about the field of Public Relations and is one of the best Social Media practitioners I have ever met. Angela also worked on our Search Engine Optimization efforts and has a solid understanding of how to use SEO to improve website rankings online. Her skills would be of great value to any organization looking to improve their internet marketing presence, especially as it relates to PR, Social Media, and SEO.

Gilda Perez
Business Development Specialist, WBOR at US Small Business Administration

Angela did an outstanding presentation to 95 attendess at one of our Women’s Lunch and Learns She is a professional and expert in her field. A survey was taken immediately following her presentation and each attendee highly rated her and were overall pleased with your expertise and knowledge in social media. I highly recommend Angela!!!!

Robert Burnie
Atero Marketing – Managing Director

I have had the privilege to become associated with Angela through a number of projects. I met her initially through Chicas and was blown away at her commitment to a cause so dear to her heart. After viewing her work and the effort she brings both professionally and personally, it was a no-brainer to work with her with a number of clients working with Atero. Her attention to detail, organizational skills and commitment to excellence are not only admired but should be studied. SHE IS THAT GOOD. I HIGHLY recommend Angela for all of you. The decision to do business with her will never ever be a regret.

Cole Garcia
President, Atlas Financial Advisors, Inc.

Angela is great at what she does. I would recommend her to everyone.

Amber Stott
Founder at California Food Literacy Center

Angela was a star volunteer when I worked at WEAVE. She assisted with numerous PR and social media related projects. Perhaps the biggest contribution was her service to the Steering Committee for WEAVE’s inaugural Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. She successfully helped us plan logistics, increase our volunteer pool, gain media, and utilize our social media tools to their fullest potential with customized landing pages and strategic planning.

Now I serve as the Founder of the California Food Literacy Center, and Angela continues to devote her time and energy to volunteering on a strategic level to provide advice and direction on social media and PR. Her creative ideas always improve the projects I’m part of. It’s been a joy to know and work with such a selfless and professional woman!

Teddy Mathis
Experienced Business and Education Consultant, Author, Speaker

Angela is a patient and caring professional who instills confidence in people like me, who thought the electric typewriter was a big whoop.

She has eased my fears of working at home, because I know quality help is only a phone call away.

Heather Foster
Marketing Manager at Pinney Insurance Center, Inc.

Angela and I work together in the Marketing Department at Pinney Insurance. Angela is great at understanding how social media works, when the best times & days are to send things out, as well as how to engage the audience and get feedback.

She is constantly striving to stay up to date with the newest trends in technology. Doing everything from blogs, to newsletters, press releases and anything social media, Angela is great at getting her audience engaged. She is a great asset to our team, reliable, dependable, and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking her expertise in any field!